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The internet is an odd place. It's pretty strange when you're clicking around, taking in the view, but you only realise just how strange it is when you start adding stuff to it.

One of the pieces of information I get from my webhost service is a list of phrases people have entered in Google which have somehow brought them to There's nothing to identify the people involved; there's simply a list of phrases and the number of people who've used each one. I am left with a peculiar snapshot into the lives of others. I know they had a need for information and I have a vague idea what they were looking for but I can only guess whether I was able to help them. Some, those seeking a 'pink t-bar scooter' or 'pokemon', probably gleaned a little useful knowledge. Whoever typed in 'copiously sick' almost certainly found something to read as well. Sadly, the person searching for 'numberjacks underpants' and whoever had a query involving 'potholing wear nappy', went away disappointed.

Of course, there have been a few sensible questions about maternity leave, so hopefully I was able to answer them. Oh, and I'd like to believe that whoever wanted to know where to buy a golden coinmaker took my advice and didn't.

One of the other major pieces of information I have is a list of external links which have been used to reach DadsDinner and the number of people that have used each one. Thanks to all those who have created these links. It seems only polite to link back. Two of the biggest links have been from Guardian and Herald articles I've already covered in the publicity section. Here is a list of other sites which link to I'm not going to to do full reviews, just give a flavour of the sites. After all, if you like the sound of things, all you need to do is click...

If you're a housedad and only follow one of these links, make it this one.

The site has recently been given an overhaul with a new look and new content. The main draw of the site is still the forums, though. There are plenty of active members (and they're actually housedads not mums looking for advice on how to handle their blokes). The banter is friendly and people are always ready to give help and advice on any subject from nappies to cabling.

at home dad

This guy's been doing it for years and has even written the book. A good source of advice and links.

The Road Less Traveled

This is the blog of a Californian mum who has moved to a rural area and is attempting to adjust. She's honest, thought-provoking and funny. Her life is at once very similar my own and at the same time very different. It's always good to see what she's been up to. I like her.

Nodrog's Gruntlings

The blog of a guy called Dave. (No, not that Dave). I've known Dave a very long time. I helped him carry his stuff into halls on his first day at university. He brought Angel Delight, a beanbag and a science fiction collection. I was impressed. I knew straight away that this was a man who knew where his towel was.

He's now a dad and a trainee minister in the Church of Scotland. Join him for a random mix of thoughts, theology and humour.


The parenting site with everything - articles, reviews, advice, local information and an absolutely vast forum section. I haven't investigated too hard - I know I could lose days following some of the threads.

Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

As I said, the internet is odd. What were the chances of the busiest link to this site being from the word 'of'? No really. The word 'of' in the blog of a slightly scary American woman who thinks housedads aren't a good idea. (Which is a shame, 'cos her husband's one). Go and marvel. Oh, and hello to the scores of people who came this way. Welcome.

Did I miss anyone?

If you have a link I've missed, then let me know.

Want to get in on the act? Then put a link on your own site, click through and I'll do another one of these before Christmas. (Copy the banner for extra points!)

However you got here, I hope you find the site useful and fun. Keep coming back and don't forget to tell your friends. Cheers!


Jennifer said...

Yay! Thanks for the link. I love to read your site, too. Yours was one of the very first that I added to my blogroll. It is so original in a sea of sameness.

Anonymous said...

Yup great site Ed/Dave. Following on from your 'interesting' links list,I recently found an article called ''Don't use squirrels to wipe your butt'' and decided against reading the article in case it somehow ruined the imagery.

Anonymous said...

Just to completely change the subject...... have the baddies neverseen any of the other 007 films??? Don't they know that as soon as they capture him they should just put a bullet in his brain instead of all these elaborate ways of killing him? Duh!! It'll always come back and bite them in the arse,I mean after all,it is 007 we are talking about!