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The Marine (DVD)

Starring: A wrestler, Terminator 2, a couple of beautiful women and a chainsaw. (Yep, break out the beers and switch off your brain!)

Rated: 15

Story: Die Hard... in a swamp.

Comments: A fun action film with a generic plot, plenty of stunts and a lack of polish. This is one to just chuckle at, late at night. Let's face it, any film which feels the need to reference Goodfellas, The Terminator and Deliverance by name is a little desperate but it rises above its straight-to-video potential by delivering some really big explosions.

The oddest thing about the film is its unexpected prudishness. The film builds up to a married couple having sex then shies away from it without showing anything as explicit as you might expect in a daytime soap. Later it feels the need to slow motion a scene involving a man being acrobatically garroted with a chain. It's like the makers know this is really for thirteen-year-old boys (who are too young to watch it) but they'll get the graphic violence past the parents as long as no one takes their clothes off.

It's a strange world.

Explosions: Loads.
Plot: Virtually none.
Subtlety: None.
Believable characterisation: Less than that.
Chance of a sequel: Er...

Rating: 3/5.

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