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Dads need lots of stuff.

I've put together a list of the important stuff over in the Handbook. Brace yourself, though - it runs onto a second page...

The stuff reviewed here isn't really so essential (apart from maybe Aveeno, battery converters and Iceland home delivery). It is all quite fun, however. Check out some of the many toys and games that have kept my children amused over the years, avoid the horror of the Golden Coin Maker and discover one of the best books ever.

Lots of the film and game reviews are out of date but that's no reason not to read them - they were out of date when I wrote them. A dad's life usually doesn't involve regular trips to the local multiplex (not without small kids and the promise of Disney anyway). It's more about what's randomly on ITV3 late at night, or concerned with forlornly rooting around in the bargain bin at GAME, looking for something you can still actually afford after buying yet another pair of shoes that are only going to last three months before being outgrown. Take a stroll through the archive and you'll find some treats to add to your Amazon watchlist.

Any of the links in the review list (which is below the shameless book advert to your right) should provide you with plenty to keep you amused through a long night of comforting a restless baby if you happen to have run out of repeats of Top Gear to watch. Alternatively, trawl through my Twitter feed:

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Remember, get some sleep, take some time for yourself and try to stay sane. I found films with explosions helped.