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Aveeno moisturising cream

Aveeno cream and box.

Price: £7 for 100ml.

What is it? A fragrance-free, moisturising cream for dry and sensitive skin. Brought to you by the power of oatmeal.

Comments: I've given a lot of advice about kid stuff to all kinds of people over the years but the one single product I've recommended the most is Aveeno.

Sprog1's skin cracked inside his elbows and behind his knees when he was a toddler and we ended up having to administer antibiotic cream, Hydrocortisone and E45 cream according to a complicated daily timetable in order to get things back under control. The Hydrocortisone made the eczema calm down but, whenever we stopped using it, his skin flared up again. The E45 slowed the deterioration but we always seemed to be back on the Hydrocortisone within three weeks.

Hydrocortisone comes with all kinds of scary warnings about not applyng it too much or too often, so we weren't happy about using it all the time. Our doctor prescribed a succession of creams and lotions. A couple of these didn't do any good and one made the eczema angry (like The Hulk but red). Epaderm did manage to stop the flare-ups but it has the consistency of wax. I had to grease Sprog1 three times a day. Disregarding the inherent difficulties of handling a greased toddler, the major problem was that all his clothes gradually turned into oilskins. He didn't get wet when it rained but he got hot and sweaty really easily and, since his clothes were waterproof, the sweat couldn't escape. He started to smell funny. Even then, the eczema didn't go away - it was still easy to spot which areas of skin were affected.

We went back to the doctor and asked to try something else. She prescribed Aveeno cream.

It was magical.

The eczema disappeared within a week. Patches of skin that hadn't been right for months suddenly got better. Oatmeal is truly a wonder of nature.

I can't guarantee it'll be effective for everyone but it's definitely worth trying.

On the downside, It only comes in 100ml tubes and I now have three children who require it on a regular basis. Each tube doesn't last long. It's free on prescription because the kids are under sixteen and, at SEVEN POUNDS A TUBE over the counter, I'm pretty grateful for this. At one point, Sprog1 was needing slathered all over three times daily and we went through a tube every other day. Fortunately, they all just need a little on their arms and legs twice a day now. Nonetheless, I still get ten tubes at a time and the local pharmacist has grown to recognise me. She apologises for not having enough in stock the moment I enter the shop.

Conclusion: I just wish it came in bigger tubs.

  • Can clear up dry skin astonishingly quickly.
  • Not very oily.
  • Works great on chapped hands, too.
  • Is magic.
  • Expensive.
  • Only available in small tubes.
  • Getting the dregs out of the tube is a pain.
  • Can make a child smell of porridge if applied in vast quantities.
Rating: 5/5.

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DadsDinner said...

UPDATE: A kind reader has written in with this top tip for getting the dregs out of a tube:

'snip the bottom of the tube off with scissors and get your clean finger in and then when you can't reach the rest down towards the lid (unless you have extremely long fingers!) simply snip across again making the tube even smaller and then rake out the rest. You can get enough for a whole 7 year old bod when you thought it was empty because of lack of squeezability'.

Thanks, Sue!