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Thomas and the Magic Railroad (DVD)

Starring: Peter Fonda, Mara Wilson & Alec Baldwin.

Rated: U but I'm not sure why - it's unsuitable for viewing by human beings of any age.

Story: On the Island Of Sodor, evil diesel trains are attempting to take over. Thomas, the other steam engines and Mr Conductor (Baldwin) must stop them. This involves some very unconvincing models and a hunt for magic gold dust. Meanwhile, back in the normal world, Lily (Wilson) must unravel the secret behind her grandfather's (Fonda) unhappiness. It transpires he's contractually bound to appear in a dreadful kid's movie and can't find a way out.

Comments: Admittedly, the Thomas the Tank Engine stories are pretty dull but I'm not sure spicing them up with slapstick, magic and telephones made from flowers was really the way to go. The whole thing is still extremely tedious but will probably annoy Thomas fans along with everyone else.

The acting is pretty awful. Fonda only seems half alive for much of the movie while Baldwin tries too hard. Wilson out-performs both of them. Actually, even the model trains out-perform Fonda...

Conclusion: I'm off to hide our copy so the kids can't find it.

Explosions: None.
Liberties taken with the source material: Several.
Number of times the kids have made me watch this: Plenty.
Number of times they've paid attention for more than ten minutes: Two.

Rating: 1/5.

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