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Cloverfield (DVD)

Starring: Some highly expendable young, beautiful people and the Statue of Liberty's head.

Rated: 15.

Story: A party in Manhattan goes downhill when New York gets invaded by a giant creature and its tiny chums. A small group of the party-goers run around screaming as one of them records events using a handheld video camera. Lots of things blow up.

Yep, it's The Blair Witch Project meets Godzilla.

Comments: There really isn't much to say. If the story sounds good, then you'll probably enjoy it. Just remember to rent something else as well, since the film's only 80 minutes long. Ten minutes of that is credits and first twenty are scene-setting and character development. Fortunately, what's in between is tense and thrilling. It doesn't always make sense but it's more plausible than CSI: New York (even taking into account the twenty-storey mutant bat monster).

Conclusion: Fun while it lasts.

Explosions: Absolutely loads.
Wonky camera: Constant.
Sudden, abrupt ending?:

Rating: 4/5.

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