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Black Sheep (DVD)

Starring: A load of psycho sheep.

Rated: 15.

Story: A genetic experiment goes wrong and the flocks of a remote New Zealand farm turn nasty.

Comments: This really shouldn't work. It should be one joke stretched to breaking point. Killer sheep! Ho, ho! ... Bored now... Happily, the script keeps up a decent stream of gags and doesn't plump for the standard slasher scenario of a large group of idiots getting picked off one by one.

There are some unnecessarily gory scenes near the end that are maybe meant as parody but come across as gross. They'd be more worthwhile if the film was in the least bit scary. Bear in mind that I found I am Legend scary. This just isn't.

Then again, I'm glad I'm not going on a camping trip in Wales any time soon.

Conclusion: It's hard to imagine a movie about killer sheep that's better than this. (You know what I'm saying...)

Explosions: One large one (full of sheep).
Fields: Lots (also full of sheep).
Deep, dark pits: One (full of bits of sheep).
Haggis: One (probably full of bits of sheep, but it's kind of hard to tell.)
Unconvincing monsters: Hundreds. (They look a bit like sheep but are really full of stuffing and cheap animatronics).

Rating: 3/5.

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