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Vertical Limit (DVD)

Starring (sort of): Chris O'Donnell, Bill Paxton, Robin Tunney, Scott Glenn

Rated: 12

Story: Some climbers get stuck down a hole near the top of K2. Some other climbers go to the rescue, taking a few canisters of extremely volatile explosives with them. Very little goes well.

Comments: This is like every disaster movie you've ever seen except up a mountain in the snow. Worse, it's not like these guys got stuck in an earthquake or burning building or doomed plane - you can't help feeling they're all nutters who've only got themselves to blame.

Probably best watched with friends and beer. Place bets on who's going die next and how it's going to happen. (Hint: The smart money is on falling off, being blown up or falling off while being blown up).

Explosions: Some.
Avalanches: Two.
Insanity: Much.
Accidental Death: Plenty.
Chance of you caring: Small.

Rating: 2/5

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