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Call of Duty 3 (Wii)

Rated: 15

Story: It's World War II. It's France. There's shooting to be done.

Gameplay: It's first-person. It's a shooter. Move with the nunchuk; look around with the wiimote. Shoot Germans. Occasionally do other things like drive a vehicle or spot targets for a tank.

Save System: Checkpoints at often random intervals.

Comments: Shovelware ahoy! I'm not a great fan of first-person shooters or World War II games so this was never going to go well but I was expecting better than this.

The controls are broken: Aiming is jittery. Button assignments feel wrong. Gratuitous motion-sensing elements such as setting charges and rowing either feel daft or fail to work. Driving the jeep is pure slapstick.

This is also the buggiest game I've played since Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness. In an hour and a half, I experienced looping dialogue, invulnerable enemies, camera issues and getting stuck on scenery. I even fell through the ground into the Twilight Zone.

The story seemed to involve lots of soldiers. I failed to care about any of them. This was lucky because the grainy graphics meant I had a hard time telling whether I was shooting enemies or allies. Not caring meant I had much less guilt shooting everyone.

Graphics: Looks like an Xbox game... if you squint a bit.

Length: Don't find out.

Rating: 2/5

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