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What is that? It's a thing.

More specific, please. It's a heavy-duty plastic thing. You know, for the kids...

What are they supposed to do with it? Whatever they can think of.

What, like sit in it, spin round a bit and then use it to batter other children? Yep, you've got the idea exactly. Or they could wear it as a hat:

Bilibo being worn.

How much does it cost? £15.

Fifteen pounds? For a misshapen plastic bowl with a couple of holes poked in it? Yeah, but I like to think of them more as melted down Tweenies. It adds value.

Now you're talking - I'd pay fifteen pounds a time to have the Tweenies melted down. Tell me more. Er... I didn't mean... Never mind. Bilibos can be used in water, sand and snow. They're good for carrying toys around. They stack for easy storage. Kids can sit in them, stand on them and hide stuff under them.

Do children actually do these things, though? Not as often as the manufacturers might have you believe. If your kids aren't particularly inventive you'll have to encourage them by suggesting new games. My personal favourite is balancing expensive electronics:

Looks like it would make a good downhill potty to me. Getting children to toboggan down the stairs while sitting in their own bodily fluids is not recommended for reasons of both safety and hygiene.

Spoilsport. How about spinning marbles round the inside? Ooh, that sounds like fun. I'm off to give it a go.

Hey, wait a minute, what about a conclusion? Oops, sorry. As versatile and fun as a (small) cardboard box but stronger, more durable and much more expensive.

Rating? 3/5

Fizz, Judy and Max make the mistake of standing too close to the radiator:Pink, green and red bilibos.

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