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Red Steel (Wii)

Rated: 16+

Story: Your girlfriend's been kidnapped by the yakuza. Get her back.

Gameplay: It's a first-person shooter that every so often makes you ignore your guns for no apparent reason and duel with a sword.

Save System: The game has checkpoints throughout each level but only saves at the end of the level. Madness.

Comments: The gunplay is average and involves constantly moving the wiimote forward to zoom. This is uncomfortable and annoying. The wiimote has to be pointed so far towards the edge of the screen to turn that I kept pointing it too far and losing communication with the sensor-bar. Even pointing at the middle of the screen the cursor leapt about for no reason.

The sword-fighting is just a case of blocking an attack and then flailing about. There's no impression of actually using a sword and I quickly wished I could pull out my guns and shoot.

Some of the cut-scenes are just story-boards with the occasional hilarious piece of animation.

All this, more bugs, unevenly placed checkpoints, unskippable dialogue, a daft menu system and some stupid motion-sensing gimmicks too!

Conclusion: Broken.

Length: Who cares?

Graphics: Poor.

Rating: 1/5

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