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Mutual Linkage IV

It's time, once again, to return the links has received from other sites. But first, let's contemplate a few of the more unusual phrases that have led anonymous web searchers here.

Some of these people have found exactly the opposite of what they wanted, such as the person searching for "great gifts for dads that do not like gameboys". Sorry about that.

Scarily, others discovered just what they were looking for, no matter how unlikely that might have seemed. "frozen diced onion review", anyone? Or how about "your grandfather owns a stud farm and has given you a horse."?

Plenty of queries fell somewhere in between. Was someone looking to buy "evil soft toys" or attempting to escape from them? Did the desperate individual crying out for somebody to "explain to me what washing up liquid is???" glean any useful knowledge? As for the search on "dream interpretation barbecued pigeons", that's anyone's guess. Personally, I'm glad to have avoided the meeting for which part of the preparation involved Googling "how to brush teeth powerpoint". I'm also hoping no one sends me a review copy of "Play fall down stairs for Wii".

I can, however, quickly comment on the following points for the next time someone comes looking:

"What's the time called between being asleep and being awake?" Early parenthood.

"While keeping everyone happy is a full-time job you manage it by multi-tasking and looking at each situation from an impartial perspective". Yeah, and with the help of chocolate.

"how long should you wear trousers before washing"? That depends to a certain extent on where you've been sitting.

"will wd40 stop a squeak on a pushchair wheel". Worked for me.

"what to wear with black chinos". Whatever you like - that's the whole point of black chinos.

"dear dave movie not released yet". Sadly, no. Don't rub it in.

"will my Xbox be delivered to me if it departed tamworth in the morning?". Only if you live really near Tamworth.

"if I buy biscuits the kids eat them all immediately". Maybe you should hook up with whoever had "mince pies coming out my ears".

"all I can remember is memories". Yes... Yes, they is...

"how much housekeeping money should our children pay". Now that's an idea.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, there are normally a few people looking for a "virtual wedgie". This took a more disturbing turn recently with a hunt for a "virtual sensual wedgie". Various specific categories of "rainwear fiction" were also popular...

Moving swiftly on to the links:

Kingston Fathers
A Kingston based group aiming to provide support for fathers and men with a fathering role with the object of encouraging them to build relationships with their children. Organises regular events in the Kingston area.

Lots of really useful stuff... particularly if you live in Hereford. Forums, a 'find a friend' section, 'nearly new' board and info on everything from local shops to toddler groups. Excellent.

Whistling in the Dark
A mum with two young children tells it like it is... (Hi, Swiggy!)

The Mockingbird
Thoughts on publishing, food, caravans and just about everything else from Sj, my Authonomy friend.

After the dress...
Yep, this is still about sewing but Gwen sent me another award, so she gets another link. :-)

The Road Less Traveled
Jen's pregnant again and it's all just an excuse to buy a new fridge...

Did I miss anyone?

Want to get in on the act? Then put a link on your own site, click through and I'll do another one of these... when enough people link to make it worthwhile.

As always, welcome to everyone, wherever you came from. Hope you find the site fun and useful.



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