Partnering with Tearfund

DadsDinner partnership with LOVEFiLM game and movie reviews are now brought to you in association with LOVEFiLM - the UK's largest online DVD rental service.

This will, of course, make no difference to the forthright, irreverent and occasionally incoherent nature of the reviews. LOVEFiLM has no say in (nor takes any responsibility for) the content of DadsDinner. All this means for you is different ads.

In celebration of the link up, I've updated my review of LOVEFiLM itself. Highlights include:
  • A new pay-as-you-go package. (Handy if you don't watch many movies.)
  • DS game rentals. (Hooray!)
  • Blu-ray rentals. (Hooray!)
  • The end of Sunday collections by the Royal Mail. (B00!)
  • An even bigger conflict of interest warning. (Yawn...)
I've also created a DadsDinner User Collection containing the films and games I've enjoyed most over the last year. Have fun!

Right, now that's sorted, I'm away to see if I can blag a PS3 off Sony.

(I may be gone some time...)

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