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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (Xbox 360)

I'm 'busy' playing this ready for a review but I felt the need to put up a warning about a game-breaking bug as soon as possible. I keep having all my upgrades vanish when I load a saved game. My extra health and powers disappear just like that.


I have discovered a way round it, however. If I quit to the Xbox dashboard BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ELSE and restart the game, sometimes the upgrades reappear. It can take more than one attempt but everything eventually returns as long as I don't gain any fresh experience after the dodgy load.

I have no idea what triggered this problem but it's probably worth keeping an eye on your upgrades every time you start up the game. I lost several hundred points of experience before I noticed the issue and discovered a solution.

Feeling a bit grumpy now...

(Game not bad so far, otherwise. Feels like an HD remake of Sands of Time, though, with easier combat and a less engaging plot.)

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