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I was thinking of writing a review of the latest Harry Potter film but then decided there wasn't much point. Chances are, if you've seen the others, then you're going to get round to The Half-Blood Prince sometime anyway. If you haven't watched the previous five films or read the books, then you're not going to follow a word - go and read The Philosopher's Stone.

This all makes a review rather redundant but, in case you were wondering, as Harry Potter films go, The Half-Blood Prince is OK. It kind of feels like an extended warm up for the last two, though.

So, that's that then. I think I'll go and enjoy a couple of hours of peace and quiet before I have to go and get Sproglette from school.

Oh, while we're here, you might want to check out They've got a Back to School special running at the moment. The site lists offers and discounts for a whole host of online stores. Unfortunately, since these offers are sorted by store rather than product, it can be rather a trial finding anything specific. You'll probably discover a saving for something else you're after along the way, however, so it's worth a look.

Right, I'm off for a lie down...

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