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Mutual Linkage III

Once more unto the internet, dear friends, once more...

What did we ever do without it? In the old days, I would have had to go to a library to look up a speech from Shakespeare to mangle, only then to discover the next line is about stacking up dead bodies and not entirely suitable for parody. The internet saved me no end of time there...

...which it immediately took back as I got side-tracked by the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune which led me to The Simpsons, then Ghostbusters and finally Debbie Gibson. You're lucky I got round to writing this at all.

So, before I get distracted again, I'd better press on with returning some of the links that has received from other sites. That way you can get lost on a one-way surf to the home page of the saucer-people and I can turn this computer off and go spend some time with the kids.

But first... I want to share a few of the phrases that have led anonymous search-engine users here:

I was most confused by the person who Googled 'keith urban is polish'. It took me a moment to add my own capitalisation. As for the person who was looking for something to 'rhyme with raj' - he or she was probably the person whom I confused the most. Unlike whoever wanted 'Mulholland Drive explained' - they arrived confused.

Some people had questions answered about housedads and maternity leave. Hopefully, whoever asked 'How far is it from Zeebrugge ferry port to Bruges centre?' knows that it's too far to walk. Seriously. Get the bus straight away. And if you want to know 'what to do with a toddler with gastric flu'? The answer is... laundry.

I'm sorry I couldn't help whoever was looking for 'scientific fun stuff with rocks' but I'm kind of glad that the person searching for Mario fan fiction went away disappointed. (That's disturbing and incestuous, people!)

A few other questions need answered:

'Can mice bite through wire wool'? I sincerely hope not.

'Why do teenagers wear two pairs of trousers'? They what now?

'How fast do dragons fly'? African or European?

The phantom Google riddler struck again. Twice. 'Sid walks in the rain for 30 minutes without using an umbrella or wearing a hood but he doesn't get a single hair on his head wet'. I can only assume that Sid is very bald or a tortoise. And if you thought that was a strange thing for someone to type into a search engine and arrive at DadsDinner then how about 'if it takes an elephant a week to run a fortnight how many grapes are in a bag of nuts?'

Er, seven?

I'm also getting Google confessions now ('I sneak around in my underwear') and, after a Super Soaker incident, the Wicked Witch of the West went surfing for medical help ('he shot me i m shrinking').

It's an interesting world out there...


This is a UK site offering 'information to dads, so that they can get the best for their kids'. It covers everything from pregnancy, birth and babies to financial, legal and education info - from a dad's perspective. It's a little overwhelming at first but there's plenty of good stuff there.

After the dress...
If you're thinking of doing some sewing, this is the place to be. I'm a little out of my depth myself but I'm keeping up with the on-going saga of teaching dress-making in a foreign language.

Gwen sent me an Excellent Blog award a while back. Accepting it requires me to nominate ten other blogs, however. This would entail me sending it to every blog I read and several I don't. So I'll have to pass on this occasion, although I very much appreciate the thought.

Heart & Home
DadsDinner is about survival and gadgets. Heart & Home is about family adventures, craftwork and chocolate. Think of it as a complementary source of ideas.

The Road Less Traveled
Follow the lives of a family in rural California. I might have mice in the house but at least I don't have bats. And the neighbours don't shoot at me.

Yeah, I know I've mentioned this one before but JenK bribed me with cookies and then blogged about it. A return link is unavoidable...

More Links

Seeing as I'm here and I lost any form of blogging self-restraint around about last November, here are some extras. (These guys now owe me cookies.):
The place to discuss issues with other housedads online.

Stay at Home
A fun site featuring housedad info (and rants).
A good source of short articles on dealing with many issues affecting housedads, from altered finances to low social status. There's also information on general parenting topics, such as immunisation and household chores, but considered from a housedad perspective. It's an essential read if you're new to the housedad life or thinking of taking it up.

Ask Moxie
An American mom answers questions on child-rearing. She's pretty on the ball and there's a good back-catalogue of advice.

Did I miss anyone?

Want to get in on the act? Then put a link on your own site, click through and I'll do another one of these... when enough people link to make it worthwhile.

As always, welcome to everyone, however you got here. Hope you find the site fun and useful.




Gwen said...

Awww! Thank you so much for including me! :)
And, wow! The search engine phrases that have led to you are pretty hysterical!

DadsDinner said...

No problem! Thanks for your link.

(Some of the search engine phrases are funny. Some of them are just scary...)